International Chess Tournaments Organized with Passion for You

International Chess Tournaments

BCC Open
Kavala Open - Greece
 Andorra Chess Open - Andorra
Figueira da Foz Chess Festival
Hastings International Chess Congress

* Exception, the event does not have a fixed tournament page (new page every year)
# Cancellation is marked or the tournament is removed from the overview.

International Chess Tournaments

Feel free to send suggestions for tournaments that fit the overview, the following priorities:

  1. Same time of year every year
  2. Fixed tournament page, preferably in English
  3. Minimum 9 rounds with opportunities for title norms
  4. Open, not necessarily the top group

Good tournament calendars are easier to create if the organizers create their own tournament page for each individual tournament. History on the tournament’s website (annual implementation) creates trust. There are good reasons why tournaments are sometimes not carried out. A tournament with its own tournament page creates less maintenance and makes it easier to avoid broken links.