World Chess Championship 1972

The World Chess Championship 1972, dubbed the «Match of the Century,» took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, pitting defending champion Boris Spassky, representing the Soviet Union, against the 29-year-old American challenger, Robert James «Bobby» Fischer, amidst Cold War tensions. Fischer, known for accusing Soviet players of collusion, heightened the political drama. Spassky, facing pressure to uphold Soviet dominance, showcased his versatile playing style. Despite Fischer’s eccentricities and last-minute demands, the match proceeded with interventions from figures like Henry Kissinger. After losses in the first two games, Fischer resiliently rebounded, ultimately securing his position as the 11th world champion on August 31, 1972. This pivotal victory not only solidified Fischer’s standing but also marked the end of the Soviet Union’s chess dominance since 1948.

Boris Spassky – Robert James Fischer 8,5 – 12,5

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World Chess Championship 1972
World Chess Champion 1972 – Robert James Fischer

World Chess Championship 1972