World Chess Championship 2013

The FIDE World Chess Championship 2013 unfolded in Chennai, India, the hometown of the reigning world champion, Viswanathan Anand. Challenger Magnus Carlsen secured his spot by triumphing over formidable opponents like Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian in the Candidate Tournament. Despite an initial series of 4 draws, Anand encountered setbacks, facing defeats in rounds 5 and 6. Ultimately, the Norwegian maestro clinched a commanding victory with a score of 6.5 – 3.5, ascending to the esteemed title of the 16th undisputed World Chess Champion.

The 2013 World Chess Championship also marked the inception of a captivating chess masterpiece orchestrated by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Today, over 10 years later, televised chess has become a crowd favorite, gathering thousands of Norwegians around their TV screens. Explore and download all the games.

Magnus Carlsen -Viswanathan Anand 6,5 – 3,5

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World Chess Championship 2013
World Chess Champion 2013 Magnus Carlsen

World Chess Championship 2013